About Me

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Welcome to my writing corner. I’m on an exciting journey to create a book. A novel. One with a Christian world point of view.   To be plain, I could never write another kind.  Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith. And oh how Christians need a vision of  true faith in these troublesome times.

I’ve had a love of words, and stories, and books and writing since I was a young girl. The first short story I wrote wasn’t a class assignment. I longed to create a little story world where interesting things could happen and possibilities abounded. If my memory serves me right, I was about 12 years old. For some reason I wrote an ominous, scary piece of writing. I don’t believe I ever allowed anyone to read it either. Which was probably for the best.

Since then, I’ve changed my genre you might say. Why? Simply put it’s because Jesus Christ shined the light of his love and truth on me and I was forever changed. Down through the years I’ve written other short stories, poems, newsletters, bible tracts, blogs, and books. And one song. (It’s very new) It’s connected to the WIP(Work In Progress) I’m developing and writing now. The title is ‘Alley Rose’. Regardless of what I’ve written, I’m writing now, or will write in the future I desire for Jesus, the Lord of my life, to be glorified and His name magnified by each word and every page.

If you have any questions for me then please go to my contact page. Here’s a few places you can find some of my other writing:

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