The Gift of Time

He gave me today-

His Gift

If I abuse

or misuse it

Ashes will be all that remain.

Yet, if I offer it up to Him

Showers of blessing and beauty

He will send.

He didn’t leave me in yesterday

That gift is far gone

I’ll never unwrap its pleasures

or its sorrow again.

I want His freedom to rise above

All the deadness that abounds

So that when today

is only yesterday

No ashes will be found.

He wouldn’t show me tomorrow

For its safely in His hands

My life is part of His plan

He is my life story

To Him belongs the glory.

Though the road I travel

may be unknown

I know it will lead to home.

We cannot be foolish

with the gift of time

For it is the ladder we ascend

As we take the climb

Eternity ahead

Heaven sublime

(c) Tina Cole